by Claire Rae
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It’s that time of year again where we work at getting back on track after the holidays, set our intentions and make that resolve to evolve. It doesn’t matter if you are brand new to the fitness journey or you are a veteran, we all need these fundamentals implemented in our lives. Healthy living is a mind, body and spirit unity. All three need to be in sync to have optimal health and wellness. 

The RESET 12 Week Transformation Includes:


This program includes my RESET-90 Happy Healthy Days Ebook that gives week by week instructions on how to create healthy thoughts that will help you build a strong body, mind and spirit. I’ve also created a special 12 week RESET training plan that you can do from home or anywhere. You will get full access to the Claire Rae Fit app that has loads of cool functions that will help you track your progress and communicate with myself and others.

  • 3 months training from the Claire Rae Fit app- Home workout friendly
  • 12 weeks email video instructions
  • The Diet Makeover Cookbook
  • The RESET 90 Happy Healthy Days Ebook
Nutrition With Nothing To Hide

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