FIT SOUL-Faith and Fitness

by Claire Rae
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This program touches on the aspects of the fit life that include sharing your journey with family, friends and those around you in a loving and exciting way. 

There is an ongoing self-reflection when it comes to those who strive for excellence. Finding balance in all things is the key to long term success. 

Many fitness programs focus on exercise and diet alone but this program focuses on how to stay motivated while making your life about others. When you realize how needed you are and how inspiring others is the ultimate motivation, you will never see taking care of yourself the same way. Being surrounded with love is about creating a loving and healthy environment. Taking care of yourself is the first step in loving others.  

Having a Fit Soul is all about how to create and maintain a healthy life for yourself and those you care about. Do it for them and reap the benefits of a long happy and healthy life. 



  • Fit Soul Ebook 

  • The Diet Makeover Cookbook 

  • 12 weeks instructional video series 

  • 12 weeks workout plan from the Claire Rae Fit app 

The 12 week Training Plan is designed to push your limits and help you engage in healthy activities. You can do this program at home, outside, at the gym or anywhere else you choose. Or you can order a custom training plan to go along with this program for a discounted rate. Everything you need including video guides, group chat, tracking and more is within the Claire Rae Fit app. New and improved.

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