Healthy Meals on a Budget

by Claire Rae
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Are you one of the people who has been storing food waiting for the food shortages to begin? Perhaps you are already dealing with a food shortage or you have noticed that some of your favourite foods are rising in price like you’ve never seen. Well either way I think it’s a good time to start talking about healthy food for the whole family on a budget. I know it’s been a tough time for many people this last couple of years so I wanted to touch on some food options that are easier on the pocket and remind you that there are tons of options for healthy eating so never limit yourself to ichiban noodles and KD if you are trying to save money. Eat smart and highly nutritious food. The ideas in this article are here to give ideas to eat healthy and to what to have in your food storage for the just in case or long term storing.

Storing Healthy Food Options.

I’m always surprised to see what people store in their cupboards. Some foods I can’t even believe are allowed to be sold. It’s so unfortunate that we live in a world where you need to be educated just to stay healthy. It’s almost like some of the companies out there want you to be sick… Oh, that’s right… nevermind, we can talk about that in another post. This post I’d like to simplify and just stick to a few things you can do now to start changing old habits. Let’s always try and stay to organic as much as possible. If there was one basic rule I always try to stick to is buy God made, simple foods as much as possible a steer away from foods that have chemicals or preservatives as much as possible. I made a little list below with a few things you’ll find in my cupboard and some of the things you might want to avoid. 

Not recommended

  • Canned soup
  • spam ( questionable)
  • soy oil filled food
  • chips and junk food

There is no point in storing food with low nutrition level or not really knowing what it is.  If you were ever in a crisis situation you will need to be at optimal health.

Here’s a freeze dry company I found if you don’t have your own freeze dryer. It’s a good way to keep food up 25 years in your cupboard and maintain nutrition. 

My Top Healthy Recipe on a Budget Picks

Turkey Chili and anything with a good source of protein, and veggies really. It comes down to the fillers such as rice and spice. Your flavoring should always be spices rather than condiments like ketchup or BBQ sauces that are loaded with sugar. 


The more I looked around the more ideas I found. It really is limitless. The main things you want to incorporate is the full spectrum of nutrition making sure you are getting all the nutrients you need. If you don’t know where to start I do recommend getting a diet guide from me or even grab my Diet Makeover Cookbook. It will give you the basics on how to set up a diet for yourself and get you headed in the right direction.


Slow cook meals on a budget

I always keep that slow cooker option available for food prep and cheap healthy meals.  The best part about slow cookers are that it’s so easy. You just grab the ingredients, throw it all in and walk away. I do a lot a food prep this way. I will make a big batch of something and just throw the leftovers in single or double servings into the freezer until I need a quick meal. They keep for months and that way I am always prepped and I don’t waste any food.

Searching for meal ideas is easy. There are a ton of great recipes out there. Don’t be scared to try something new. Let me know if you try and of these. I am making a few this week I’ll share on my @claireraefit and @clairemrae Instram pages. Feel free to give me a follow.

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Cheap Healthy Meals Book Recommendations

Get those healthy freeze dried snacks ready for your winter road trips or your backup food plan.

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