Christmas- A little different this year

by Claire Rae
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This year is not like the rest

For the last decade or more I have spent the Christmas season organizing Christmas get togethers, dressing up for parties, shopping for gifts and spending countless hours baking, all trying to maintain some sort of balance and sanity. You probably know the feeling but this year is just different. 

Usually at this time of year I tell you where to get the greatest presents and I suppose I could do a little of that at the end of this post, especially if you were thinking of getting me a gift…lol, Jk. But seriously, I have no real desire this year for any presents other than maybe your actual presence. I am spending my Christmas season out at Noah’s Ark and plan on having a few fires under the stars. I’m hoping to get a tipi delivered in time for Christmas to have the first annual Tipi Christmas Celebration because if you know me you know that this is my very favourite holiday and I just can’t resist trying to bring folks together. You know, the usual Christmas festivities but just a little more out-doorsie. 

This year I am wrapping up another year of healing and there is something about being in nature that helps the process seem quicker and more enjoyable in general. I am ever so grateful God gave me this unique opportunity to spend so much time in his natural elements for my healing journey post accident.  I thought it only fitting to celebrate Christmas in one of the most beautiful places I know and invite you to join me.  Everything about this December is all so serendipitous.


I thought I would invite you if you don’t have any plans and no real place to enjoy Christmas. We have a few cabins out here and I’ll be sure to be cooking up something yummy over the holidays. Let me know and I’ll be sure to add you to the list of folks that plan on being around. We are under a little bit of construction these days so you will have to forgive the office lodge mess but if you are looking for an adventure in the mountains this may just be the spot.  We are already booked out for New Years and if someone books our cabins, it is what it is so let me know asap. Also, just wanted to make sure that those who are thinking about coming to my Rise Retreats this coming year, know that Noah’s Ark is NOT the location of those retreats. We will be somewhere else a little more private for that. Remember to call or email me for those complete details.

I’ve been doing a little Vlogging as episodes on the project out here if you are interested you can find that>>>>> HERE

Here’s the Affiliate links you all love: When you click on them and you purchase something I make a small potion which of course helps me continue to create content. These are all products I do use and love myself so if you feel someone you are purchasing a present for would like something in the links below click on through. Merry Christmas season to you and yours. 

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