by Claire Rae
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It was a perfect weekend to getaway and RESET. We are the RESET RETREAT team. With everything going on in the world today, aligning yourself with likeminded faith filled people is so important. We came together to refresh, to relax and to press into our faith with prayer for each other and our nations. After two years of the isolating rules and restrictions we are done and ready to bring people together again. 

Over the weekend our agenda was simple:

1. To pray for our nation and the world. We are standing in faith that God will set His people free from the tyranny and that justice will be served.

2. We wanted to spend time praying for each other for healing in body, mind and spirit.

3. To relax and just take some time to recharge in the presence of likeminded faith filled people that want to live healthy and whole lives.

4. To strengthen one another for the days ahead.

5. Plan out the next RESET and RISE retreat for those of you that need it.


Janis from has a special talent when it comes meal planning and cooking. We enjoyed healthy meals all weekend. 

Natalie provided plenty of laughs and lead in the activities. As an medical aesthetics nurse in Calgary, we all gained some great info and just enjoyed her good humour and sharing time.

Brie Walker from came and led us in our stretching and relaxation routines. She truly has healing hands.

I led in the prayer and mediation and hearing from God exercises. We all heard from God and it was so encouraging. Lots of prayers prayed for everyone. We are already starting to see some of those things resolve themselves. God is so good and was with us in a powerful way the whole weekend…. and always of course but I could really see His work through this experience and it was amazing. 

Guided prayer and cue card affirmations taken from my RESET program was a time to heal, bond and practice our faith through 
declarations. There is power in sharing each others
burdens and backing our faith up through the Bible and its

You know me, obviously health and wellness is important and always a focus when I put together a gathering together but this time around I have been focused on bringing God as the centre of focus. Over the years I’ve just learned that we all need an anchor, whether it be the world acting crazy, your body not working the way you want or just the daily happenstance we just need faith and something good to focus on while the storms of life pass by.  We are in a time where there looks to be limitation and fear but with God we can win all the battles and so that’s what we are focusing on now. Nothing is too big for Him and when we gather together in His name He is there with us and in that we are strong.

We would love to have you on the next one. We are making arrangements for dates and location now. Subscribe to my mailing list to make sure you get the details and dates. We are ready to give you an amazing weekend of refreshment and fill your cup with adventure and unity. Can’t wait to share a memory with you and others.

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