Mountain Top Blessings

by Claire Rae
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I know time is going by without many posts as of late but it’s just part of the recovery process. There comes a time where you just have to put yourself and your rest requirements first.

I do want to say that this last season, although has been filled with many obstacles is turning out to be one of the biggest setups I’ve felt in a long time. It’s like I can feel the times and seasons shift and I don’t mean just the weather, my age or any other carnal thing but spiritually I can feel it. God is doing some big moves currently.

God is calling His people to get ready and be ready for the days to come. He is opening the floodgates of healing, restoring and love to over pour on those who are seeking Him. In fact, I believe it’s already started. I can feel it, I can sense such a beautiful time coming.

I know for many people they may not feel it but when things get dark, God gets even brighter. His love is so tangible and real and can’t wait to hear all the stories that will start pouring in of His Grace and Mercy!

That’s all I want to share right now but will give you more updates as I feel led in the coming months.

Lord, take all the Glory!
You must first believe… then you’ll see.

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