Shift and Pivot

by Claire Rae
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If you need something positive and productive to focus on and you are committed to getting in shape and healthy this year, this challenge is for you. 

The SHIFT and PIVOT program will be home based and I hope to give you inspiration, along with solid training. Let’s climb this fitness goal mountain together


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I’ve said it a million times, we get this one life, this one body, let’s make the most of it and treat it like the temple that it is. Let’s build strength both mentally and physically and let’s do it together! 

This program is for anyone who needs to get back on track, make a change and take getting healthy and in shape seriously. It’s for the intermediate client that needs a refresher and a goal to work towards. It’s for anyone that wants to see results in their life and truly be transformed. 

 If you haven’t yet done any of my programs I suggest starting with the RESET-90 Happy Healthy Days, as its great for beginners and will give you a solid place to learn the basics of diet and exercise. This is also a great program for anyone suffering in anyway either from injury or depression. It’s got solid principles and it is faith based. 


 I know getting fit is one thing but staying that way is a daily battle sometimes. We’ve got the odds stacked against us these days with gym closures, illness looming around us, our sanity being tested daily with nonsensical mandates and our freedoms being threatened. We need to stay strong. We need to be aware of the psychological effects that are damaging us and if not us, someone we know. I might add, its strongly doubtful that anyone has gone unaffected at this point so, let’s be strong, kind and get through this together. Im here to support you and your health goals. 


Grab your home equipment and let’s get at it. 

  • 12 Weeks Training on the Claire Rae Fit App- Warrior Training with Kettlebells and Suspension bands

  • Shift- Into the best version of you Ebook

The battle goes on for our mental and physical health. Daily we are facing all kinds of things that are trying to rob us from our health. I have experienced all kinds of mental, physical and spiritual battles this year and I’ll tell you right now, WE ARE NOT GOING DOWN but only up from here. We will come back stronger and better than ever! With a few adjustments to our routines and health we can get back on track in no time at all.  

Navigating health seems to have lost it’s path and more than ever I think it’s important to talk about what actually works, what has a proven track record for producing results.

My programs are made to create strong people both mentally, physically and spiritually (only God can do that, but I’ll be praying for you while you are in my program). We are at war for our health and we need to be armed and ready.

You can win, you can level up! You are powerful you have what you need now. Get connected, get motivated, get support. 

COST $150CAN/month for 3 months

I designed this special gift for you. Journaling is a great way to set goals, pray and remember things that your thankful for. It will help you stay on track while you make the changes that will produce the results you seek.

Suggested Home Equipment


Nutrition With Nothing To Hide
Nutrition With Nothing To Hide

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