Shift and Pivot- Rise from every Challenge

by Claire Rae
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Pivot means to stand in one place and to shift direction. 

As the year has gone on I have realized that we need to get good at pivoting. Gone are the days of going ahead and making big plans and believing that they will come to pass seemlessly. We are faced with challenges and conflicting mandates and measures that are in the name of health, yet causing so much mental and physical illness in of itself that you must come to a time where you take things in your own hands and determine to be healthy no matter what anyone says. You can take charge of your health by choosing healthy immune boosting foods ( Get my Diet Makeover Cookbook to learn more) , taking time for rest when needed and exercising regularly to strengthen yourself and decrease stress. Everyday you have a choice on how you will battle the battles that come to upset your health and happiness. 

 I’ve learned to go with the flow, be ready for adventure and keep up with my healthy routines even if they look a little different than they used to. I no longer have a gym membership because I just can’t come to terms with wearing an oxygen limiting mask during my workouts but I haven’t thrown in the town to my training. In fact, I have increased my health and wellness by a few small adjustments I call pivoting. I have been collecting home equipment for a while now and have been running into nature whenever I can. I find training in nature is far more fulfilling than it ever was in the gym. I would still love to train in a gym in the future as it has it’s place and for certain kinds of body building it’s the best but for now and for the future I will always enjoy my outdoor workouts the best. It truly makes me feel alive and well. I realize not everyone will have such a beautiful place to enjoy but I hope to inspire you none the less to get outside, grab some home equipment and make a deal with yourself that no matter what the world tells you or tries to throw at you, that you will find a way to take care of yourself in the best and healthiest way possible. 

You don’t need anything special to train. You can use rocks to lift and there are a variety of trails to run no matter where you live but some things are just better with the extras, so if you can, grab a few.

Body weight exercises are for everyone and every level because you can adjust how much weight you take on by your stance. I was sweating just holding this pose, it’s harder than you think but honestly so satisfying. 

This beautiful location just outside of Revelstoke was about a 2.5K hike and had my heart rate up all the way up. When I arrived I set up my Human Trainer on a tree in the most beautiful place I could find and did my full workout. I can pack my Human Trainer in my backpack wherever I go and come winter I can use it at home with a door in my room.  It only takes seconds to set up and you are good to go. Dont let me forget to tell you about the burn, it was oh so good and Im feeling it today.

Remember, going outside increases your mood, your mental focus and you health in a variety of ways. You can read more on what science has to say about it in this great article from the American Psychological Association or you can take my word for it and get the benefits right away. I know no matter how low I’m feeling, going outside and getting some activity in nature helps boost my mood and overall feeling of happiness as well as helps me sleep better and just be better all together. So what better way to get healthy in a holistic way than doing it outside. 

Being strong physically helps you feel strong mentally. There is something about when we push ourselves on a physical level that increases our confidence with other things.

The stronger we become the more we believe we can overcome. When you get to see progress it keeps you motivated to push forward and keep going even when things get hard.

Quality equipment for your training anywhere you choose to go. Canadian company built with strength in mind.

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