Marketing Management

by Claire Rae

Do you have a company or start up that needs social media, content or advertising? Let my team help you get started. I offer a range of services that will guide you on the parts you can do for yourself and help you outsource the parts that you just don’t have time for. Learn more about my service below. 

Whether you are a start up business looking for full marketing management or you are a coach looking to drive more clients to your services we would love to help you do just that. 

There are options and plans or classes available. 

Social Media took over years ago in terms of getting your product or service in front of people but you need to have a strategy to make it look professional and consistent. Do you need help developing a strategy for social media? Or do you need someone just to take over this department so you can focus on what matters most for your business?

Not all coaches or business owners are creative. Maybe you are just really good at what you do in terms of servicing your clients needs. You need someone to get in there and help you on the creative side. In today’s advertising market, being creative and innovative is key in keeping clients excited and coming back for more of what you do. Let us help you create that brand excitement and loyalty. 

Creating goals for your business is good but what’s better is to have a strategy and with data that can help you get the results you seek. Serving the market is all about finding the people that need your product or service and then serving them well. Let us help you discover how you can do what you do best and help people find you. 

– Monthly Social Media Management

– Website design

– Branding and rebranding

– Marketing strategy.

Send me an email and I would love to give you a quote.