Back to the basics- AGAIN

by Claire Rae
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One step at a time...

It’s been quite a time this last couple of years, it seems like recovery has become a regular thing for me. From severe concussions, tumors and broken necks I think by now I can say I know what it’s like when people go through tough times. I’m not going to say it’s easy but I will say that there has been a lot to learn throughout it all and that I’m more grateful than I’ve ever been for the decent health that I do have; without health we really have nothing. 

After my accident I really needed some time to regroup, rest and recover, those things have always been hard for me. This year has been an interesting test of faith but surprisingly a real filling up of it also. It’s weird how some of the worst things in life can leave you either faithless or filled to the top with hope and expectation.  I feel filled, blessed and excited about what’s to come and how God will turn it all around. In my experience, after a lot of trials and tribulations blessing usually start raining down. God is so faithful, loving and kind and I can’t wait to see what’s next. Whether rain or shine I know that He is right there with me. My recovery time has been good for my faith growth and has given me a level of peace that I have never known. Maybe there’s just something about almost dying that makes you realize nothing lasts that long in the grand scheme of things so might as well make the best of it.

I am still weak and still do suffer from quite a bit of pain from time to time but that is normal and to be expected. I don’t think it will be long  before I’m fully healed and ready to be active like I’m used to. My hope is while I focus on my diet and exercise and incorporate some naturopathic and physical therapy remedies I will be back to full health in no time but patience is likely needed as some injuries can linger. 

As for training, I have been starting at the basics like walking, laundry folding ( you’d be surprised how much this can hurt when you first get started) and working my way up to chopping wood and other mountain chores. I find some days I just want to push myself because it’s hard not feeling strong but when I do I end up having to nap or just end up really sore sitting in ice baths. Either way, it’s all part of the process and I know it will get better with time.


I’m not quite ready to share with you all what’s been brewing behind the scenes but I can say that God is doing a new thing in this season and there is a lot to look forward to for those who love Him. Don’t let anyone tell you different, especially if you have been suffering many challenges. God is good all the time, “All the time God is good” even when it doesn’t feel like it or look like it. There is a plan and purpose for it all. 


I pray that you are doing well and thank you for all of you have prayed for me during my recovery, I am praying also for you, your loved ones and our nations. 

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