Ebooks and Programs

by Claire Rae
Ebooks and Programs

My passion for teaching health and wellness from a holistic approach started early when I started to have health issues due to food sensitivities. I started learning about food and food additives that were making people sick.  I wanted to tell people how to get healthy and feel their best.  My deepest desires is to help people understand and implement a healthy lifestyle and to live their best life. Over the years I have created fitness challenges, 12 step programs and cookbooks in hopes to inspire and educate. 

2021/2022 Programs and Ebook offerings

What you eat determines you health, it’s that simple. I wanted to create an easy guide to help you kick off your diet in the right direction. In this book I have laid out many of the things you need to avoid and better yet, a ton of great ideas and recipes that will give you the tools to make a clean eating plan for you and your family.
This 12 week program is faith based and helps you create a new understanding of your body and mind with a spiritual approach, adding prayer and meditating on God’s word. These mindset tools are the very ones that helped me compete at the pro level as well and reset after a very bad brain injury. This program and Ebook includes the 12 weeks worth emails with instructions, the RESET 12 week fitness plan via the Claire Rae Fit app, the Diet Makeover Cookbook as a bonus and support through the app.
Creating a change in your life takes a change in perspective but also a plan to take action. 
This program and Ebook includes the Shift 12 week program and training plan with the Claire Rae Fit app.
Fit Soul is all about getting healthy to inspire others. Every little thing we do matters. It matters how we treat ourselves  and it matters how we show up fo others. Fitness is not not about vanity but rather about a healthy temple, healthy relationships and a healthy balance.