by Claire Rae
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RESET Roundup 2021. 

This summer was all about RESETTING. For me that meant getting back to the basics, cleansing and realigning myself with God and nature. I spent a lot of time in reflection and in prayer. I spent a lot of my time with the good book and this is what I know now…..

God is Good all the time!

Many of us know that something’s off in terms of the world lately. Well, at this point off is an understatement but I want to let you know that I do believe God has been preparing some of us for the greatest blessings ever seen. I know there is a lot of doom and gloom but if you actually read the Bible there are a ton of gloom and doom stories but when God’s people turned from their sin He saves them. Even when there was famine in the land; no fault of their own, God found a way to take care of His people. 

Although there were a few stipulation that should be noted for God’s people:

The people needed to repent of any sin, (meaning stop doing wrong or living in an ungodly way, not just asking for forgiveness and living the same way but actually turning away from it). Not an easy task in my opinion, I definitely need God’s grace to help there. Thankfully He gives it when we ask. 

They needed to have faith that God will take care of them no matter what it looked like. Meaning, even when you have nothing, you will move forward and believe in God’s provision.

They need to make sure they dont complain about the current dim  circumstances but rather with thanksgiving in their hearts take all their requests to God and wait for God to come through for them. Because He always will.

Just a side note, its clear from the stories in the Bible that human nature is generally the same over history. People back then had the same temptations as we do today. The stories may be different but many of them can be made into metaphors to explain things that are happening today and how to react to them with faith. Ive been using the David and Goliath story a lot lately.  Goliath being the evil elites and their agenda and us as little brave Davids. Stand up and know who your God is! Again, much easier said than done but its great stuff to stand on and believe.

I want to say that although many moral lessons are taught to the believers through these stories in the Bible there is nothing as real as living out the effects of ungodly thoughts or actions. The consequences often teach us lessons the hard way and we end up looking back at the Bible and thinking…. oh, I see now why that was a rule. The rules are their to protect us and guide us, just like any loving father would set out for us, to protect us from ourselves and our human nature.

I have come to the end of myself on a few occasions in my life and the only thing that turned things around for me was when I started to practice God’s principles. No, the circumstances didn’t always turn around right away but I did get peace, better focus, and other blessings that may seem small on the outside but make a world of difference for the person living through the trial. This is why you can see children that seem to have nothing in third world countries be happier than rich people here. The joy of the Lord will fill you up and you’ll realize how little materially you actually need to be happy. There is a peace that comes over a person when they start living right. It’s like a sort of righteous confidence, like the devil will have no right to mess around or something. Hard to explain but if you know what I mean you get it. Probably where the saying “no rest for the wicked” came from. There’s just no peace when you’re jacked up doing or thinking evil things. 

Anyway, this summer was full of simple things, small spaces and basic living. I pressed into God’s word before I did anything. Everyday He spoke to me. We talked about the world and what’s going on, He reminded me often not to fear and to continue to trust Him through the process He was taking the people of this country. He showed me where I needed to make some adjustments and even where I really needed to repent. He gave me grace to work through those things gently and lovingly. He gave me wisdom on many matters of the heart. This of course is an ongoing process because when we get one thing right there’s always something else to work on, but that’s ok, God knows and in that way we really have no stones to throw at others. We are all a work in process, if we allow it, we can change for the better through the grace God offers with a relationship with Jesus, I know if you haven’t experienced a shift in your life because of Jesus it sounds crazy but when you’ve been where I’ve been and seen change in your life you know, there is no other explanation of why you are who you are now. He’ll walk this thing out with a person and teach things we need to know and do along the way. Just like a best friend with the benefits of knowing everything.

He lead me to ways I could better heal my brain injury and He gave me the time needed to do so. He spoiled me with adventures and secret waterfalls and other glorious wonders of this beautiful land.  He spent extra time with me when no one else was around and encouraged me to press forward. There were tears, and joy and everything in-between but what’s most important that He wanted me to tell you is that there is another chapter coming and is already here. He is pouring over His grace to all that would search and seek Him. As the world gets darker He will only shine brighter. He wants you to invite Him into your heart so that He can lead the way to your own promise land; in other words your hopes and dreams. He put them there so that you would know He was real, as He shows you divine and practical ways to achieving them, but you have to have faith to get there. He’s the only one that knows the way and He’s the only one that can fulfill that purpose piece in your heart.


Let’s talk book reviews. I have to say that coming from a person who used to avoid reading the Bible like the plague, it has somehow become my favourite book of all time.  My absolute obsession with it can only be explained to what the Bible says about the Holy Spirit renewing and leading. I have no idea when exactly it happened but I find myself taking it with me wherever I go. If not a hard copy I always open the app on my phone. Daily I look at it and hope God speaks to me through it and even if not that, I enjoy reading the stories because they are always victorious. There is so much inspiration that can be taken from it. 

Looking at myself from a past self version of me, I would call myself insane but there is just nothing better than the truths in this book. I encourage you to get a hard copy. Ask God to give you the Holy Spirit. I think that ’s the ticket to really understanding what it says. I know for me it was all just nonsense before I asked Jesus to really teach me ( I know, sometimes you just have to take a chance talking to the air to see if it will really work). I’ll also tell you this is the juiciest book in the world and if for whatever reason you feel an adversion to it, take note and ask yourself why? It’s just a book after all, right? 

There is power like no other in this book, mark my words and do whatever it takes to read it. It will transform your life if you let it in the most amazing way and if not that you can at least say you read the best selling book of all time. 

Also, side note, from experience, it’s REAL and we are living in Bible times now. There really isn’t much time left to be in the know, especially with all that’s happening. There are a lot of prophets today that will tell you what God is saying about all that’s going on, and it’s heating up and getting good! He’s talking to us right now through this word. It’s amazing! 

As for which version of the Bible you should read I think ask God but I believe God is talking to us through all these versions and many other ways not even including the Bible. I don’t personally think that you could go wrong with any of them. I have all kinds plus my Bible app has all the versions to compare notes but if you are just getting started, I think The Message is a good version because it speaks in our laungaue now. Not that the others don’t it’s just an easier read. 

If this post helped you in anyway or you can’t afford a Bible, let me know, I would love to pray for you and send you a gift of a Bible, I think everyone should have one so please, don’t let money be the thing. I believe God is moving in big ways right now and teaching a whole new crew of people about Him. You don’t have to have a background to get to know Him, you just have to invite Him in your heart by confessing your wrong doings and or hardened heart, ask Him for a new heart and new eyes to see. Ask Him for the Holy Spirit to come and to teach you and lead you and get reading that book, it’s the instruction manual. 

One more thing that you may enjoy that I have been listening to for that 6 years is the Daily Audio Bible. It’s a online community and podcast that reads passages daily and brings you through the whole Bible in one year. There is a prayer community, which is great so you can hear others pray and you can also call in and get your prayer requests heard so others can pray for you. It’s perfect for the nervous but curious new believer. It’s amazing and I think if you don’t like reading it may be just the thing for you. 


Be blessed. 

The perfect getaway doesn’t have to be fancy nor does it have to be cute.  But if you are into that kind of thing and wonder where you can book, check out Hipcamp or Airbnb. This place is called Jewel Creek Organic Farm and can be found on both of those apps. I absolutely loved this place. There were glamping tents, good outhouses, a group cooking station and shower.There was tons of room for our RESET RETREAT 2021and could host a wedding or event. Plus there is a beautiful hike to a waterfall to add some activity or photoshoots if you’re into that kind of thing. I would definitely host another event here in the future.


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