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by Claire Rae
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How important do you think what you eat is to your health? 

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I haven’t been going out to eat much for many years. I prefer to have control over what I consume and know what’s in my food.

Many people are getting poisoned daily and wondering why they have brain fog, low energy, slow metabolisms and weak immune systems.

When I go to the grocery store I watch people fill their baskets with non-food; packaged, sugar and chemical filled foods. They continuously poison themselves and their families without even giving it a thought, yet many feel they know what’s best for society or what someone else should do with their body, be it masking or jabbing. ( for all the jabberwalker pushers, get real, everyone should have choice just like you do). We should all seek wisdom from God about what’s best for our body as He is the creator of it and knows how He made it to work best.

I’m so thankful we have a choice with our food ( currently ) yes, the pickings are getting slim if you want to be healthy compared to what’s been offered. Most of what’s in a grocery store should not been considered food at this point. 

(Note- I am also guilty of eating garbage food from time to time, I always feel like garbage after, hence this posting reminder)

Many of us know this but still need reminders to choose wisely.

Grab some fresh ingredients. Organic is best as we know more and more how GMO’s are harming us. Do the best you can to make eating right a priority. Sure you might have to fork out more money, I get that’s hard, but if your health is truly  a priority take action.

Don’t just take my word for it, I’m simply reminding myself with this post and all of you wise folks that just needed a little reminded.



This recipe is so easy. The only thing I will mention is that I did marinade the chicken thighs overnight.  I through half a lemongrass and some fresh ginger in the blender until it was just shavings and poured some olive oil on my chicken. Mixed it all up, added some sea salt and pepper and put it in a container in the fridge over night before I threw it on the BBQ. 

The rest is so easy, you just boil some rice noodles and cut up the rest and put it in a bowl. Easy and so yummy. 

The sauce. I usually avoid sauces because they are filled will sugar but there is always a good, better, best rule. Is this is a better than….

Just mix the two>>>>

Vermicelli bowl- Ingredients

Chicken breast- lemon grass/ ginger



Bean sprouts 


Rice noodles



Honey and Coconut sauce


Fish Sauce

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