A Merry little tipi Christmas

by Claire Rae
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Being that we are under a renovation at the ark, there really wasn’t anywhere to  host a Christmas for the folks out there. I had an idea that not only would be a great place to gather for Christmas dinner but also to enjoy for many gatherings throughout the year. I really wanted to have a sanctuary in general on the property. I just love tipis and needed a good excuse to get one. Being that Christmas is my favourite time of year, I thought it would be perfect. I just love the tipi for its gathering ability, its warmth, its comfort and its fashion in general. Plus, who wouldn’t want to enjoy a winter adventure in a tipi? 

Sweet Night Savings

When the tipi arrived I was stoked and felt well prepared… seems pretty easy to set up if you ask me….

I was dead wrong and had no idea what I was doing. The poles I and my buddy harvested were VERY heavy and us trying to put it all together in -30 degrees was almost impossible. I indeed took a few days off after setting up the poles due to the weather and just when the weather changed we got a massive snow dumb that closed the highways and left me stranded and unable build. 

Don’t worry, I know it sounds bleak but on Christmas morning but there was a lot of pluses. I had Christmas Eve at my girlfriends house and although I was stranded due to highway closures it opened the perfect opportunity to prepare the turkey and all the fixings while we waited for the highway to open as well have a beautiful morning with the family. It really was a blessing in disguise. 

We did pray for an opening to make the trip in the perfect timing and as you would have it, as soon as our turkey was ready the highways opened and we drove out there, quickly shovelled the snow, wrapped the tipi poles, lit a fire and set up dinner all by 5pm, just in time for Christmas dinner.

It was a Christmas miracle if I ever saw one and one to remember.  We prayed our thanksgiving to Jesus for all His amazing blessings and enjoyed the first annual tipi Christmas with warmth and love. It was one of the best Christmas adventures I’ve had in a long time. 

Never forget Jesus is the reason for the season and His love was the true warmth within the tipi. 


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