Into the Deep

by Claire Rae
Into the Deep

I’ve started this page to start to unpack some of the revelations I’ve been finding on my journey through the muck of this current world situation. There are many people seeing things even more clearly than myself but as I am a watchman on the wall, I thought I would share with you some of the agenda and grand scheme of things. I believe God has told us about the long term plan and we are starting to see some of those things unfold right in front of our eyes. For many of us Bible thumpers we are excited but also well aware of the dangers and situations that we are currently in. With faith, I am trying to educate and lead as many people to freedom as possible. Freedom starts in the mind and in the heart but also with understanding of the big picture.  For many people their is no awareness of the very deep, dark and powerful ( not as powerful as God) agenda that is being played out in our current world. There are many levels to the corruption and deception but it really comes down to some very basic things that have been foretold and replayed time and time again. After all, there is nothing new under the sun and as we charge forward to the future we must always remember that the end is nearer today than yesterday and to always keep a watchful eye and extra oil for your lamps. 

First God exposes things, then He sets His people free ( free from fear, limiting beliefs, oppression, depression, addiction, lies, dictators and so on). Let this expose and educate you. Let God set you free in Jesus name. 

What you see

You see illness, mandates, lockdowns, family breakdown, disasters of all kinds. Economic wars and dictatorship, confusion, propaganda, lies and actors, influencers and idols being exposed. As we watch there is a fear programming taking place that if you are not aware of it you will fall for it. 

They want you blind and falling for the propaganda so they can control and manipulate and dictate how you live so they can life mighty and in power. 


What it is

We are in spiritual warfare. Just like in the Bible, there were evil leaders, pagan gods and idol worship. 

We have the usual characters such as the Queen Jezebel, Molech and Baal the child sacrificing gods. Evil kings trying to take away the freedoms. The golden calf (pharma) and all our favourite heroes to boot that I’m sure we will see of more in the days to come. 

I want to also say that the only way out of this game is the same as in the Bible, if My people, who are called by My name, shall humble themselves and pray, and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and will heal their land. –

2 Chronicles 7:14 

So with that said, you will choose in these days who you serve and in doing so you will help determine how this story goes for you. There will be winners and losers and remember, the good always wins in the end. Decide if you’d like to be on the good side of history or the bad but judgement is coming and is already upon us.

What’s really going on behind the scenes may seem too hard to understand but the story is as old as time and history is just on repeated so that everyone in this generation would have an opportunity to see the truth and make their choice who they will serve. This world and it’s god’s (Satan and his ways through instant gratification, idols such as money, sex, selfishness, pride and so on)  or the one true God with the help and wisdom from our saviour Jesus the only son of God laid out to us in the Bible? The evil we see now is the working’s of those who are being ruled by Satan and his fallen angels (demons). For the believers, there is nothing to fear, in fact it is a very exciting time, as you know, God will come through soon. Just like every other time in history. Believers are being vindicated now for all those that never took the warnings. God has already won this battle and with the power of Jesus Christ you have won also. 

The Devil's deception - The Counterfeit

Jesus- The truth and the Life

Satan wants to be God. Pride is the first sin and the main sin of Satan and his followers. You see pride in all types of people. This is the workings of darkness and deception. Anyone who truly knows themselves, knows that they could fall at anytime. There is one thing guaranteed to us all, that is death. Satan wants to keep people distracted, bound in sin and believing lies so that he can bring them down to hell with him in those final days. Every promise of the enemy comes back void. Satan hates humans because they are made in the image of God and God loves them dearly. Satan is already headed for Hell so He wants to make sure He can ruin and take as many people with him as possible. His plans are always to steal, kill and destroy. He temps people into sin and then laughs at them when they fall for it. He tricks people with money, power and fame just like he tried to do to Jesus and then when they fall for it He knows that in the end if they don’t repent they are headed to hell. He thinks it’s a joke and game and has nothing good in him. He doesn’t care if you don’t believe in heaven and hell in fact, he hopes you don’t so you can be sent to hell for your ignorance. The best trick he plays on the world is that he doesn’t exist and keeps people thinking the things in this world are the only things. Billions of people have already fell for the same lie and have found themselves burning for eternity.

Jesus is the ultimate power and this is why you see so much mockery of it and not as much for other religions. You’ll never hear someone say buddha or Allah’s name in vain or used as a swear word, yet people mock, slander and run from Christ because deep down everyone knows they need a saviour in one way or another. His death and resurrection is the most powerful form of love known to man. Having someone say they would die for you is an expression of true love. Jesus is the only one that has done that and also had the power to rise after the defeat. Jesus is God.

Jesus is the only one with the true power to transform people’s lives. The power in the name of Jesus is the most powerful name in the world and holds weight like no other. When wickedness rises up, the number one thing you see mocked and suppressed is Jesus and His followers. Believers know the power of Jesus because many if not all true believers know He is the one that saved them from a situation or many situations in their life. They know the true power of prayer.  Demons tremble at the name and that’s why evil hates it, because with Jesus in the hearts of people evil can’t stand.


History repeats itself and this is how we can figure out what’s going on.

The enemy of your soul creates distractions so that you don’t find the truth, the devil wants to kill, steal and destroy you (John 10:10). Sometimes it’s very subtle, it starts with one cigarette, then 20 years later you can’t quit it. He puts his hooks in with porn, then you struggle with satisfaction in your marriage or worse have trouble getting married, always looking for the next best thing, the list goes on.  First, you need to come to this realization or revelation of what might keep you back from God’s promises. I suppose if you don’t know what those are you will have to go back to your Bible to learn about them but the basics of God’s promises to His people ( those are all who believe in Jesus as their saviour through faith and those that call on him and repent of their shortcomings) Those that believe are promised many wonderful things if you follow his guidelines in the Bible. First, loving God and obey his rules and then loving others ( all of which you need to ask Jesus/God for help with, loving your enemies is hard and you and I need help). His spirit lives in you and grows you up in spiritual things as you get closer and closer to him in prayer and relationship with him.  He helps you do the right thing by giving you back your conscience and directing you through the word of God, the Bible.  Of course if you don’t believe in the promises then they are not for you and you are under the curse of the enemy and you are likely already deeply deceived or confused about everything that is happening. 


If you are here hoping to get some enlightenment, I hope to shed some light in what is going on and what you can do about it. God’s promises in the Bible is to prosper and give you long healthy life. To give you a hope and a future and Jesus came to give you life more abundantly. Anything that is not the goodness of God is from the devil. God wants to instruct and teach His people to trust Him but because the devil is running around trying to trick people with money, power and pride we are in this constant war and these days it sure seems like the darkness is winning….. but no wonder, our nations have allowed all kinds of other mini gods, new age and witchcraft into our nations. We didnt keep God centre in our schools and yet we still want the blessing? If you read Isaiah. How many people are even believing or praying these days? God has been taken out of the school, the government, the news, even the court system. Our country was based on God’s rules but now it seems anything goes. People want to be liberal but yet all we are getting is high divorce rates, mothers killing their children, greed, envy, lovers of self and pride culture. It’s a disgrace and God loves justice and so do I. Luckily, the God of Heaven has already won, AMEN.


Think from the devil’s point of view. He wants you to go to hell, how would he get you there? If he can get you to sin. How would he do that? Temp you with the usual things that people want; money, sex, power but sometimes it’s even more subtle than that. He can use things like the desire for godly things like marriage, wealth and daily to destroy you by setting those things up as idols in your life making them more important than seeking God. Prayers like, I will follow you God if you give me the desires of my heart are evil as they are trying to bargain with God. So the devil creeps in and offers you those things that you want but not in a godly way. He offers you, common-law marriage as a counterfeit, sex before marriage, music with subliminal messages, meta verse, yet another counterfeit of God’s great creation. He is always offering quick fixes and things that lead to your downfall. Pain relievers may give you short-term relief but it doesn’t get you to the bottom of the issue so it may feel good for a while until you are addicted to the pain reliever and are worse off than before. Same with relationships that offer you quick satisfaction but then leave you heartbroken because their was no real commitment. The devil wants you in these cycles so that you will blame God and hate Him and thus more easily serve Satan. You take your pain around with you and hurt people wherever you go doing the devils work for him. You may stay addicted or in life cycles that just rob you of your joy. This is all part of his evil plan; to steal, kill and destroy. He hates that you have choice because he gave up his when he was kicked out of heaven. So he wants to control your mind, he wants to live in your mind and he wants to ruin you and everyone around you. 

He will temp people with more money, more control, power, sex, fame and fortune but it all ends up an empty counterfeit life and a dead end with a fast track ticket to hell if not addressed. He will promise you that you will have all these new opportunities all while stealing and killing you in mind and spirit and ultimately your soul will be at risk of eternal damnation. This is why the rise of mental illness and all sorts of disorders. They are all symptoms of a lost and broken society. 

SATAN WANTS TO KILL, STEAL AND DESTROY YOU! How much have you already lost to his lies? 

How to stand against the enemy of your soul...

You first need a saviour. Someone who knows the rules to the game. You may not know all the rules but I will unpack my understanding of such rules. 

This is a deep revelation that one must receive in faith. You must ask God to forgive you for all your sins and then with faith accept the sacrifice that Jesus took on the cross. Then, you must pursue to learn about what that means. Asking in prayer, reading the Bible and coming to channels, books and teacher to learn more. You must pursue God with your whole heart. He will show you. Keep your eyes and ears open and with faith trust that He is leading the way.  

Symbolism and Rituals

Things aren’t always as they seem. What you see in media is all part of the scheme of lies and deception to try and normalize evil and push forward the anti-christ agenda. Dividing people into groups and creating hostility towards our creator but God is not to blame. Satan loves giving sick people power as a mockery of God and His goodness and this is what the enemy enjoys, he loves using people and showcasing his work for all to see. He likes bragging that he has control over these people ( unfortunately they think they are winning, but satan will spit them out or kill them when he is done with them, he does not love them he just wants to use them as portals of evil). We must pray for them, we must ask God to open their eyes and save them. They are ponds and don’t even understand how bad hell will be if they don’t change their ways. It’s not only sick but ultimately very sad. Many of these people were born into evil generational curses and don’t even understand what’s going on or how they are being used…. ah, yes generational curses, that’s for another post but if you are curious and think you may be under one yourself, learn about it and seek deliverance and help. Pray that God would reveal it all to you. Remember, God has the ultimate power and even though he is slow to anger, He loves justice and this will not last. It is important to know how short the time is and that you need to be right with him before judgement of this generation comes. Remember also that you could die at any second and at that point it will be too late but its not so much about the fear of dying that matters but rather what you are missing out while you are living. Having God in your life is fulfilling on another level. It brings comfort that no other thing in this world can offer. You just have to get to know God to know what I mean.  We can already see the clear battle between good and evil, plus, God put right and wrong on all of our hearts and that’s how you know what you are reading is real. Deep inside, you know what’s right and wrong. God will help you if you seek Him. He doesn’t’t expect you to battle evil on your own. He will help you if you turn to him. He is so amazing and loving. He truly is a tender love that everyone needs. I could go on all day about how good He is, but none of it will mean a thing to you until you get to know Him for yourself


Next I will be covering some of the gods the leaders are currently serving…..

We are seeing a rise is pegan god worship in the form of abortion, yoga, necromancy, tarot card reading, crystals and cleansing with sage and all kinds of new age practices. You are even seeing it in the church and among all kinds of so called believers. These practices are not only forbidden by God but He says He hates them. Deuteronomy (18:9–12)

 Only God holds the future, and only He truly knows what will happen (Isaiah 46:10). Looking to figure out the future is looking to demons to tell you. Remember, the devil is a liar and he would love to lead you astray, entice fear or fantasy. He wants to plant ideas in your mind that will lead you and you soul into deception. It may sound good but many things the devil tells us sounds good at first until you are stuck and in a situation that is far from God’s best for you. God said to trust Him and lean not on your own understanding but in all your ways to acknowledge Him .(Proverbs 5:5-6) . God created all and He knows what He’s doing even if we don’t. The thing is we couldn’t handle it even if we did know it all so why even try. What will that gain you if you lose your soul? Not trusting God in all things is the first sin and goes back to the garden of eden when Eve took the apple ( side note, isn’t it weird how we all use apple computers and phone for the most part, promising us knowledge of all kinds?) 

Anyway… I hope you are starting to see. I will be back soon to continue on this journey and add more. 


The Answers

There is no one answer. We are at the point that we have been many times in history where only God can do all that needs to be done but we must pray.

  • Pray that peoples eyes would be opened
  • Pray for the salvation of all
  • Pray that God would put righteous leaders in charge
  • Pray for exposure 
  • Pray for the family unit and marriages
  • Repent for your own ungodliness and ask God for restoration 
  • Repent if you have gotten involved with any occult or medium or witchcraft. Even just for fun is a sin unto God. It’s like cheating on your spouse. 
  • Turn off all evil channels and shows and stop supporting evil in anyway. 
  • Focus on God and thank him everyday
  • Keep that faith. God works in mysterious ways.
  • Remember God always wins. Read the Bible for all the stories that prove it.
  • Trust God and lean not on your own understanding but in all your ways acknowledge Him.

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