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by Claire Rae
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In this post you will find: A little story about off grid  living,  survival ideas and a little cabin life fashion and how you can support local! 

I want to start this post with the hopes to lighten your day, to inspire you, bring hope or relief for just a moment perhaps. I realize we are all in a different circumstances and at the time of this post, there is much distress around the world. I pray for those suffering in anyway and pray Psalms 91 over you and your family.


A simpler time and place- Cabin Life

I don’t know about you but this last year or so I’ve had a propensity to be in nature, get off grid as much as possible and learn some survival skills. Things have changed and no matter what we do or how we choose to escape from it, we eventually come back to the reality that we are unlikely to be going back to “normal” anytime soon and if things do clear up, we will have changed in some way regardless. It’s hard for me not to just want to learn how to live off the land. Although that’s a huge undertaking for this city girl, I can’t help but feel some things are worth looking into. 

I know in my heart it’s important not to fear but sometimes change can be stressful and fearful, especially when you really don’t know what to expect and no one seems to have a definitive or predictable idea about the future. Things are just different now. God urges us to give our worries to Him and to fear nothing but Him alone. People say that the Bible says to fear not 365 times, once for each day, although those numbers are not exactly true as this Soul Shepherding article reveals, it’s still a nice quote to remind you that God is in control and uses everything for good for those that love Him Romans 8:28. Either way, I think it’s just wise to keep your eyes open to what’s going on and just be aware that things could take a sudden shift at anytime. It might be a good idea to have some basic survival knowledge because let’s be honest, who really knows what’s going to happen next.

Off Grid Weekend Retreat

What better way to get familiar with the simple life than little getaways to get in the elements. I booked us a place without power, wifi or running water. One must be immersed to truly understand what living off the land would actually entail. 

Taking the road less travelled


As I turned off the highway to follow my google coordinates it quickly turned into a very narrow gravel road. It wasn’t long before I no longer had service. Surrounded by trees, the road seemed to get bumpier and I was starting to wonder if I had taken a wrong turn. It was quickly turning into an off road adventure. Now you see, I drive a low profile car so off roading isnt really the adventure you might think of, more just a hope that you make it without damaging anything. I hoped my coordinates were right, otherwise I would be in trouble without service and in grizzly country, no one wants to get stuck like that


I had no Idea if the location was going to be a beautiful or a bust but I trusted that whatever it was it would be worth it. 

I felt like I had been driving for a really long time and all of a sudden I came to an intersection in the road, where my co-cabiner was driving her own vehicle, a SUV much more suited for off-roading. I really hoped her journey was not like mine, but it was clear she had taken an alternating root so that gave me some comfort. 

I rolled down my window as she drove straight on, we waved with excitement. It wouldn’t be much longer now until we arrived at our location. 

At last we arrived! Pulling up to the ranch I realized it was worth the slow narrow drive. It felt like a scene from a movie where you arrive in heaven. We noticed the sky was clear, ( after being around forest fires all season it was treat.) and it truly was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. I quickly asked her how her drive was as we got out of our vehicles. She smiled and said delightful. I laughed with relief but thought for a second how funny that was and wondered to myself, if we all get to the same destination in the end why do some have to take such seemingly slow and harder roads? I quickly let it go and ran towards our cabin with awe and excitement.

Off Grid Living supplies and ideas

I really don’t know why I love it so much but being with the basics just feels refreshing these days.

I like making lists of survival needs. I actually enjoy thinking it through. I  could go as far to say that I fantasize about living off the land and creating a community for people that want to do the same. 


Shelter, Water, Food, Power source- Heat/ Cooling…… Yes, and fuel and the list could go on and on. The more I have spent time off grid the more thankful I am that it’s a luxury to get away at this point and not a necessity. I’ve also come to the conclusion most people would not do well on their own in any situation without the things we’ve learned to call basics, like running water and heat. We absolutely would need fire and a way to start one, clean water and food  and or hunting gear. It’s way too much to put in this post but I’ll let you know, I’m learning things everyday on these topics and think it’s a worthwhile endeavour in these times. Not to play into any fear but more just for the fun of it and just because it’s something a lot of people are talking about these days. I think a lot of people are looking to be a little more self sufficient with the governments trying to dictate and take away our rights and freedoms it’s only natural to want to escape such culture.

It’s amazing what you realize you can live without when you take some time away. I also realize that I could go on and on about these things and perhaps I will in some more blogs but  for now I have added some of really great books that go on about this kind of stuff and a few books I think you may enjoy just for good reading.

I do think everyone should have a survival kit of some sort that includes, blankets, fire starters, dry food, water filters, and hunting gear of some sort. I’ve been collecting things as I go so not to make a big deal out of it. Many people have been prepared for years, thought I’d do the same. How about you? 

Plants and Survival Books

 In my free time I have been enjoying getting caught up on some of what nature has to offer, just being out here heals the soul. I think many of us have taken many of our natural healing resources for granted. We need to remember that we have what we need right from nature to heal us. 

I think keeping some hard copies of natural remedies and survival guides  around is a good idea. You never know when you could end up using some of this knowledge and when you’re off grid you can’t just google what plant is what anyway so you might as well have some good books to go with you when you venture out. 

Quick thought though, make sure you wear pants if you are venturing out, you don’t want to run into any devil’s club or you will be sorry. This plant will sting you and can cause severe blistering.  Only one of the many things I’ve learned along the way. You’d be surprised how many things you need to be aware of out here. Just be careful.

Cabin Fashion

To lighten it up a bit let’s talk fashion.

If you are anything like me and have lived primary in the city most of your adult life ( city corporate style) you will have a closet full of great outfits for dinners, professional appointments, light gym attire and maybe a few things for some sports like golf, tennis and snowboarding…

After moving to the mountains I realized quickly that I would be needing a wardrobe change. At first, I thought it was just a style thing and preference of the culture in the mountains but after spending some time in nature you really want to think out your clothing in terms of quality, materials and utility. The more you spend in the outdoors the more you’ll understand what you need and why. Luckily, we have a lot of great second hand options so people don’t need to spend a lot of money to get what they need when venturing out. With the way the world is now, I think it’s more admirable to buy off your local friend or business rather than order online from a company that uses china to produce their clothing. I realize this seems impossible as almost everything comes from there but there are people local that are creating or at least someone you could buy from that already has something.  Anytime I can buy something and put the money back in my own country or neighbourhood I feel better. So, with that said, I’ll probably try and promote as many locals as I can and if not that any other country that treats their workers with freedom and dignity. 

A Few fashion thoughts for the survivalist of Cabin Culture



Depending how cold it gets where you are or how long you plan on being outside will play a factor in what you need. I always think try and be as warm as possible. I learned this year that having a good quality wool under layer is key to staying warm. Wool wicks sweat from you and keeps you warm without letting you get wet from sweat as your body regulates. Our very own Stanfeild’s- Made in Canada wool shirts are legendary around these parts. That’s great place to start.


Almost anything goes when it comes to summer but remember good hiking shoes, and pants to protect you from unknown plants like poison ivy, devils club and others that can really cause you harm if you brush up next to it. Also, the weather can change quickly so even if it starts out hot you could be cold in no time so always have long sleeve shirts, sweaters and even jackets on hand because depending on how high into the mountains you go, the cooler it may become. 

Get the look

Plaid Wool Hat

Asset Denim Distress jeans

Asset Denim Black distressed jeans>> Asset Denim Coupon Code >>clairerae<< for $20 off

Plaid Shoes

Redback Boots

Poshmark is the best thing since Facebook market Place. I love this site to find pieces that I may not be able to find in store and also support others, keeping more money in my friends pockets. I think as things have been changing in the world, so should our shopping habits. 

You can find almost anything I wear in posts in my Poshmark closet.  You can sell your stuff too so let me know if you’re on the app and I’ll give you a follow back. Here’s my closet>> CRaefashion

Good reads for these times

I wanted to give a shout out to Olga and Chris who had us on their amazing property over the summer holidays. You can find them on Hipcamp or if you are looking for an amazing opportunity, they just listed the property. Feel free to email me if you are interested in this listing, I will be happy to pass it on. 

Until next time.. remember there isn’t always a next time, be present in the moment, tell those you love that you love them and remember to always be thankful for each day.

God Bless!


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