by Claire Rae
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Every year we have the opportunity to HEAL, to GROW and to EVOLVE. 

I have always believed in the power of the gather. When women come together and unite, we empower each other to live our life to the fullest and we find the strength to press on. 

Here is the latest… Next Retreat details coming soon. 


One must never let their fire go out but keep it burning

We Gathered and we prayed and we healed

It all started with a feast and a celebration. As we gathered we played some introduction games as many were meeting for the first time. 

We then sat down and got straight to the core and set our intentions for this time together. With journals in hand we addressed goals, hopes and dreams and acknowledged places where only God could make a move on our behalf. We prayed and encouraged one another in faith and addressed areas where we could admit we also need help. It was encouraging and humbling listening to the stories of others and hearing of miracles along the way.  

We were invited to learn diet awareness with Holistic Nutritionist Eva Friesen (@nourishandflouishhn)  and healing tea remedies and the power of herbs from Vanessa Maleski and I led the workout, breath work, stretching and prayer and meditation portion of the retreat. The Holy Spirit was a alive and well in our prayer time and He showed up in some pretty amazing ways. We all heard God speak to us individually and we all were blessed in the ways each of us were used to bless each other. It was pretty emotional at times but everyone felt very comfortable and at ease to just be open and vulnerable.

We also enjoyed a beautiful hike and water dip that was refreshing and well needed after the time spent in nature observing the healing properties of the natural elements. 

Being feminine is something to celebrate and having that opportunity to show up as the beautiful creatures God made us to be is a treat. As you probably know, I love taking pictures so of course we added a mini photoshoot just because it’s always nice to capture memories. This mountain life usually calls for casual apparel and adventure gear so we mixed it up a bit and just had a good time.

NEXT RETREAT – Details coming soon ( January) 


If you are interested in joining another retreat please let me know and I’ll add you to the list. 

Looking back at our winter retreat 2022...



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