Summer is NOT over!

by Claire Rae
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Nope, Summer isn’t over yet! For some of you, summer vacation is just getting started. Maybe you’ve been following along and getting the urge to go chasing waterfalls too.  Well, I’ve been adventuring all summer and trying to make the most of my weekends. It doesn’t always have to be a big ordeal, sometimes just a day trip is good enough to refresh. Here are a few apps I use to find great spots to go and adventures for every level. 

Also, for me, I just got a new camera and have been wanting to take pictures as much as possible. I wanted to mention that I am shooting regularly these days so if you have any photography wants or needs hit me up or if you’re up for an adventure photoshoot get in touch soon and let’s do it!


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Hipcamp is a new app much like Airbnb that helps you find camping, cabins and off the beaten road places that are hosted by land owners. If you are looking for something a little more remote or something that isn’t open to the general public, this is a great app to check out. 

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Now if you’re a newbie to nature, the mountains, the back country or have an adventure bug you need satisfied,  I highly recommend You will find all kinds of adventures on that app with certified leaders to take you on the adventure of your choosing. I want to tell you from experience that there are many unforeseeable dangers around every corner of this land. I don’t want to scare you but I want to advise you that it’s best to start by going with people that know the area, what to expect and how to make sure you stay save while you adventure. 

If you are just looking for some trails for a hike I would suggest alltrails.

You will find a ton of trails and places to go in your area or where you are thinking about going. It will give you reviews and how hard the hike might be as well as how long it should take. That helps you plan your day and who to bring. I know all to well that not everyone is as keen to go hiking as I am.  Depending on who I’m going with I’ll have a range of different options for the levels of fitness I’m entertaining. 

 I hope this helps you get out there. Until next time, Happy adventuring!

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