A new season ahead- Focus on what you can do

by Claire Rae
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Keep your eyes on the blue skies ahead

We are nervous, hopeful, scared and passionate all at the same time. How do we keep believing and moving forward? 

We have a lot of things on the go these days and as much as I love getting my opinion out there, there comes a time you just need to sit back and remember who is in control of all things under the sun. Coming from a place of peace I would like to remind you of the things that we can all do right now to relieve stress and keep on smiling no matter what happens.

Eat good organic, non processed food first and foremost. Your body and mind will thank you. 

Get in a group of people that support your healthy choices.

Clear your mind of hate of all kind. Take a break from anything that would leave you feeling doubtful, worried or upset. TV, Social Media, people or places.

Get moving and get outside.

Get ready for a new season. Consider donating old clothes to your local women’s shelter or homeless shelter. It’s a good way to plant good seeds and it feels good to do good in these times. People are going to need support like never before. Remember, we at any point in time could be in their shoes. Plant a good seed such as money, time, service, encouragement, or any other gift of love. Just like after a fire in the forest we need new trees to grow. Plant those seeds now so when the time comes to stay warm there will be plenty to go around. 

Get yourself something new or for someone else if you can, spending money is part of a healthy economy and it helps businesses when we do. I know, I’ve had my eyes on some new gear for my winter outdoor adventures but made a rule to give something away whenever I make a purchase of something I don’t actually need. It helps keep down the clutter and hopefully helps someone else too. I know it sounds a little idealistic but honestly, I feel like it’s important to at least try and make a difference even if it’s in small little things we do just to become a little more aware.

If you are in the boat of people that can no longer go to their local gym you will want to make a plan for your outdoor workouts or home workouts. It’s honestly the best thing I think that’s happened for me personally. I have never enjoyed my training as much as I have since I’ve taken my workouts outside into the wild. Far more satisfying but I’m not going to say I don’t miss my steam room and sauna change rooms and towel service, that was a luxury that I hope to enjoy again one day soon. In the mean time grab your favourite winter jacket or boots and lets get outside this year. There is so much to discover. If you are not a fan of the outdoors but still want train, you can still join my Shift your life Challenge, I will help you train where ever you decide. My workouts and training can be done anywhere really and as the snow starts to fall I will also be bringing my training in home. You really don’t need much to get started at all but you do need to make a plan. Don’t let the worlds problems keep you from taking care of your health. Fight back by being your best in spite of it all. 

If you are not sure what you should grab for home equipment, you can check out my home equipment recommendations here.

Let’s take a deep breath and remember, we have what we need for today and we will get through this together and if we use the time well, we will come out stronger than ever. 

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