Waiting for dress up to be over

by Claire Rae
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Leaving some old traditions behind this year. Never going back. When you know, you just can’t.

More isn’t always more. Less may be more but only if you have known the difference between the two. For you will not want less unless the more you desired turned out to be nothing but a curse. So then, why must we insist on knowing more or having more? So that in a days time we can say that we truly experienced life and got to choose based on knowing the difference. Ever since the fall, knowledge is the temptation.

It’s all about freedom. Freedom is the purest expression of love. When someone has experienced much but then chooses you. Unfortunately love is often rejected in such pure forms because many people don’t have true love to give back. Most people are slaves to something else and aren’t free to give love. Slaves to selfish desires and fear. We know we are weak in the ability to give true love because it would cause us to have to sacrifice something we think is important, that which most people find out later is not worth anything without love.

There is a remedy to all this… many people don’t figure it out.

Loving God first sets you up to learn that His way is above our way, He knows better than us and is the ultimate giver of wisdom and direction. As we learn to trust Him, everything else takes second. That way, we can learn to love others by trusting God to direct our path in doing so. It becomes less about what they can do in return but more in God renewing your love stores as you focus on the creator of love. How can we truly love if we don’t really know what it is? Most people have a twisted view of what it really is because all man kind will fail in one way or another, leaving people broken and mistrusting. Fear is the root of many disconnections. Trust is often lacking because for many people today they had parents that broke their trust in one way or another, perhaps divorce or abuse or some form of neglect. The only solution to this is to claim yourself as a Child of God by accepting Jesus as your saviour the only person that will ever love you completely and fully. He will never leave you or abandon you. You can therefore take leaps of faith in love because you will never truly be alone. God, your father will always love you and never leave you. In that way, you stop NEEDING the approval of others. You can love authentically without having to change for others.  Your root and confidence doesn’t depend on others but rather on God and His unconditional love for you. God WILL lead you to change as He helps you become refined in the art of love. As a father may teach his child his craft so our Father in Heaven will teach us His; True Love. He will correct us and give us grace as we continue on the pursuit of happiness  and in all things He is faithful to give wisdom for those who ask. He is the source of all love and abounding beyond what we can even ask or think. The deeper you experience His love the more you will burst open with love for others. Those who have been forgiven much, forgive much, those who have experienced grace, give grace. Those who have been loved much, give love much. It just is what it is. 

After all, hurt people hurt people and thus the need for healing from the Father. A deep renewal of your spirit through time spent with God will heal all wounds. 


Whenever I feel weak in this area I go back to the source of love and ask for more. Love does not mean doormat, love means telling the truth, setting people free to choose, forgiveness and healthy boundaries. Putting on the shield of faith in all your ways, asking God for wisdom in all things. 

There it is…

Trust God in all things and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.

Proverbs 3:5

My prayer for you is that you will have complete and total healing in your heart from God our Father in Heaven and that while your heart is being healed, your spirit will be renewed. That you will go forward in love and conquer every darkness that tries to hold you back. 
In Jesus name, 


I also wanted to add if you need healing prayer please message me. I am praying for people daily and am hoping that God will lead people to the help they need to fully be delivered from every form of depression or oppression with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Be Blessed. 

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