Nature’s Remedies

by Claire Rae
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If there was ever a better time to start learning about natural remedies or get a refresher on them, now would be it. 

I know for many people of my generation we have had easy access to almost anything we want. The lifestyle of quick fixes and delivery services may be the best we’ve ever seen but are we losing our survival skills and traditions? I’m not sure the answer to that for you  but I know that I have had a very keen interest in learning all things natural and survival lately. Maybe it’s because the world has become very uncertain these days and that primal instinct is kicking in, I’m sure I’m not alone. I thought I would put together a list of books that you may want to grab in hard copy for your personal library. If for no other reason than to pass down to your kids. It’s great to have home remedies on hand and remember that nature provides all we need.

As we deal with the exposure of big Pharma I think it best that we start talking about home remedies; those old traditions that may have been swept under the rug. I just joined some groups on Facebook and started following some Youtube channels about home remedies. Some of these Ive been using for years myself but havent really taken the time to talk about them. I have also become interested in farming and creating my own source of food lately because of the rise of GMOs and other foods that are hurting my body but maybe Ill talk about that a little later. This post is just to give you some of the books I think are good to have access to. Maybe a good Christmas present for someone. You never know when you might need to reference some of these things. 

Here’s a FB group that you may find full of interesting ideas but don’t just rely on FB or social media. 



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Natures medicine- Remedies and cures.

Some of my favourite home remedies include:

Pine needle tea-

Aloe Vera– For skin issues

Dandelion Tea– For fighting Cancer, reduce inflammation, promote a healthy liver, detoxify, fights diabetes, reduce blood sugar. Antiviral and helps reduce viruses. 

Options for Covid or variants that should be tried before going to the hospital. 

Homemade Hydroxchoroquine- A cold and covid remedy made from home.

Home Medical Cabinet- Natural Cures Literature

Water filtration systems- Water purification for tap water

Unfortunately you may have been hearing about all the toxins in the water and perhaps if you are like me, you can tell when there is something off with the water. How are we suppose to be healthy if even our most important detoxifer is toxic? It is quite a concerning situation. 

Getting water is important but many people are concerned about the Flor or make one at home for cheaper.

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