Here are my top sore muscle recovery​ products

by Claire Rae
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I’ve always had mixed feelings about supplements as I’ve had a variety of reactions as well as deeper scentific review. I’ve seen both good results and bad as well as useless and expensive plots and ploys. I in no means ever want to mislead people to purchase things that will either harm them or mislead so in saying that let me tell you some of my favorite products but also let you know that I always recommend eating fresh food first and never depending on a supplement to more than eating a variety of good foods but as you probably know life throws curve balls and we aren’t always able to perform at our best or take care of ourselves in the best way so when that happens supplements can help and I have seen some great results by taking some of these and a few more “ll mention later on.

 I have been a vega consumer for years. I am not sponored by them and I do not get paid to post about them, I simply like their ingredients and their earthy taste. It’s just what I enjoy and find I can get my nutrition in by having one a day, espically on those busy days. 

On the other hand, I am a paid advertiser for the Skinny tea brand but I still also use it and have their protein at the office for when I need a fix. I like their ingredients and decided a long time ago I would not support or promote any product that I did not believe in so with that said, I’m a loyal vega eater but I also endore and consume and enjoy the skinny tea brand. 

As for BCAA’s I’m just trying this new naked brand now because I need something as I recover but I don’t want stimulants or sugar in my supplementation for receovery. From the ingredients it looks good to go.

Collegan was suggested for brain recovery so I’ll be giving this brand a go as well and will let you know how it turns out and if I see any results. 

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