Food storage and Preparation

by Claire Rae
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Many people are talking about food shortages and getting ready for the worst. I’m not that interested in fear mongering but this trend has been intriguing to me and made me want to spend a little time looking into what that would entail. Here’s a few ideas I thought I’d share while I’m learning to prep and store.

I would like to believe that I would be one of the survivors if something did happen to our grocery stores and our easy access but the more I thought about it the more I realized how ridiculously dependent I truly am and when I start thinking about most people that are running their families with all the social get togethers, and just the regular business of our world I realized that most people probably wouldn’t be prepared but it doesn’t have to be that way. We can do something about it now. We can learn skills and things we would need and just get prepared in case something did go down that prevented us from being able to enjoy the conveniences we have right now. 

If you don’t want to think that something bad is going to happen let me suggest it this way, you learning some of these skills will save you money.! The truth is inflation on our food is at an all time high anyway so finding creative ways to save on your food bill will be well worth any effort you make now in the long run regardless. 


The meat and potatoes for beginners

Being that I am a beginner I have had to do quite a bit of research to really even get my head wrapped around all things thing you would need to really be prepared for a power outage a disaster or just a food shortage. First, there are levels of emergencies that one has to consider. It’s really not enough to just pack your freezer full of food because in the event that your power goes out that food won’t be lasting very long and you’ll be in trouble quick so I started to think from the worst case senerio starting today. I do think there is time now to think about these things and get as prepared as possible just in case but God forbid. I will try and add a bunch of options for those of us that have limited hunting and gathering skills but wants to be prepared none the less. I do think if you can get into a hobby set of survival practice you are by far more prepared than the majority so with that said I plan on making all this learning fin and exciting.


Because I have been talking about this for a while with friends someone mentioned a freeze dryer that makes food last forever I thought that’s where I’d start in this series of blogs

What I like the best about investing in some of these pieces of equipment is that it’s not all about the worst case scenarios but even just to save food and save money. There’s lots of great videos on these for you to check out. There a lot of different kinds of freeze dryers but I liked the Harvest Right the best from the reviews I have been reading. If you have something else you have tried and love feel free to add a comment I would love to hear what you are using.

Unfortunately, not everything can be freeze dried like almond butter, or other oil based foods but those last a long time anyway so no worries there. 


For those of you that have no plans on getting this hobby going you may still want to look at considering a care package just in case. There are a variety of options. 

I found a website that has a ton of other great survival stuff food and storage galore.

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