Getting back on track

by Claire Rae
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I don’t know about you but getting back on track can seem like a redundant endeavour. It seems like no matter how long you’re rolling on a good track it’s not long before you need a refresher or reboot. Yes, if you are like me you have been working on your fitness goals for most of your adult life but there always seems to be a season where you feel the need for an overhaul. Does it ever actually get easier you might wonder? But I would say yes, I would say over time it becomes easier to know what to do to get back on track and it gets easier because you know what to expect from your effort. A lot of the fitness lifestyle is trial and error. Trying different diets, trying different workouts and ways to stay active. Different friend groups and modes of motivation such as challenges and competitions. All these things play a part in your long-term success and ease of looking and feeling your best. There are some obvious and not-so-obvious choices we make daily that affect us in the long run and will determine how many times we get knocked off course.


If you have found yourself knocked off a healthy path or not sure if you have ever even been on one, we all get knocked off sometimes and start somewhere. So don’t ever let shame or guilt hold you back. 

What you do in the good times will prepare you for the day that you do need to recover or you do need to readjust something. 

The point I’m trying to get at is we all need an overhaul from time to time but we shouldn’t need a major overhaul every time we get knocked down. Over time if you gain some good recovery and mindset habits you should get better at making choices daily that will serve you for the long term and help you overcome obstacles and challenges and also help you avoid some foreseeable problems in the future. Not only that but it’s never too late to make a change.

I’m not exactly sure what brought you here today but I want to let you know that if you’re looking for a change in your life and you need to see something new happen, the best thing you can do is get healthy, make daily healthy positive changes. That means choosing the things that you know are healthy for you. Positive change starts with listening to that inner voice that tells you what you already know. Let that voice that is urging you to make good choices be the leader today. It might be just a small change like joining my 14-day-free-trial workout plan on my app. Sometimes all it takes is just showing up. Maybe just even in a subtle way, like reading a book before bed rather than watching T.V. or choosing veggies for a snack rather than eating the bag of chips or not having the drink and choosing tea instead. 

For me, getting up and getting outside is what my body and mind crave but sometimes I don’t get to it because I have other pressing things going on. I somehow treat the responsibilities as if they are more important than the things my body needs to feel balanced.  I think we can all get into habits like this at some point but the main problem with this is that worry and stress lead to health problems, so perhaps putting too much on our plate or saying yes when we should learn to say no is more of the problem than the not having enough time for the walk or the workout. Checking priorities seems to be a real problem these days, believe me, I know, I have a problem in this department as well when it comes to certain things but the root of stress is often just not having these things in order.

As I prepare to launch the RESET- 90 Happy Healthy Days program (2nd edition) I hope you will get on board and start my 14-day-Free-Trial of my app and get used to using it. I would love to invite you to take part. If you have been looking for a change in lifestyle or mentality or are looking for a way to create balance, and bring back hope, then this program coming up will be for you. 

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