RISE- Small Business Support Group

by Claire Rae
RISE- Small Business Support Group

Having a support group to help encourage you, keep you accountable and lend some support in terms of ideas that may help you thrive in business is important for anyone working from home on their business.


I started this group because I have worked in teams and solo and I know that you are more likely to succeed if you have a good support system. The sharing of ideas between master minds make or break your success. We meet every Monday night at 8pm MST. 

Join our Telegram group and find out the topic of the week. Meet other like minded people that want to help you. 

Group Topics

Setting goals- Share with the group your goals and create accountability for support and encouragement. 

The members share experiences and knowledge that can benefit the group. What’s worked what hasn’t. 

Sharing apps, or software that can help the members succeed. 

Open discussion about marketing and implementing revenues and different ideas to help create success.