Maybe we were all just ignoring the signs.

by Claire Rae
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I know it might be a little redundant to have just another person give their opinion about what’s going on in the world today but I thought I’d share a few thoughts as I’ve been reflecting also on all the things in life and those things that seem to challenge me. As I have watched many of the reactions of others and including my own, one thing I’ve noticed the most is that what we say and do has an impact in some way each and every day. It’s one thing to experience the truth of that in your own life but it’s another to see how much what you accept or do not accept affects others. We all get fed somewhere from someone. There is nothing truly new really. Maybe reinsured, recycled or repeated but never “new”. This holds true across all playing fields also and if you really look at your own life there is a series of patterns that will create similar results until you try something else, not new but perhaps someone else’s point of view. Now, here is the part that I challenged myself and I’m challenging you with… Where do your thoughts come from? Where are you seeking advice and opinion? And does it bring you hope, peace, and love? Or does it cast doubt on you, on your ideas, on your hopes and dreams? This is a very important question to ask because the greatness in this world was not built on doubt, fear or hopelessness. If you have voices, including news, school, teachers, peers, or parents casting doubt or fear on you, get out. Find teachers, people, pastors and leaders that will encourage you, help you problem-solve and give you hope. Pray daily for wisdom to know the difference and never give up. Knowing what the subtle seeds being planted in your life is the defence you need to succeed. You need to become aware of the temptation to follow the call of doubt. Doubt leads to excuses ad excuses lead to procrastination and procrastination leads to an unfulfilled life.

The truth is that this 2020 happenstance has been a huge blessing to many people. I have talked to countless people that were ready to shift when things hit hard in 2020 and because they were willing to listen to the signs, they were prayerful and ready to move when they had to God blessed them. There is no circumstance to big that can not be over come. Your mindset and what you allow in it is up to you. If you struggle with fear or worry find out the root or where it’s coming from and cut it off. That is nothing more than a snake in your garden trying to steal your dreams. Staying home isn’t a sentence it’s an opportunity to get stuff done and to be prepared for what’s next…. and what’s next is going to be better than you’ve seen it for those who are diligent and faithful in the hard times, I know it.

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