Jacked but not jaded

by Claire Rae
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At some point you have to say  enough is enough. 

It’s about fighting back for what is yours; your health, your peace, your joy and your WIN. 

At some point we will all battle something and to win you will have to put up a fight. Are you ready?  

After the year I had, I just had to put it in a book and talk about it. We all get to a point where enough has to be enough.  

From concussions and cancer scares to head on collisions, I can truly say that life can throw some curve balls and at times, you can wonder if they will ever end. 

One thing I’ll tell you, the battle is NOT a physical one. Although in my last accident it may have seemed so and physical training may have been beneficial in saving me or helping me recover. Fitness training is more of just that…. training for the real battles in life, both physical, mental and spiritual. I always thought that fitness training was one of the best metaphors for much of the spiritual training one gets when they become a Christ believer. There are many battles along the way but over time if you practice and take the steps daily to learn and grow, those faith muscles will increase just like your physical muscles when you workout. The challenges in life such as accidents, loss of various types, mishaps and mistakes show you how well you are doing in your training. Change doesn’t happen in one day but if you keep showing up to train, you will have the muscles you want to achieve and like Jesus said, with man many things are impossible but with God, all things are possible. 

-Matthew 19:23-30

Being on the other side of some pretty bad physical beat downs, I will tell you that training both physically, mentally and spiritually before anything happens is your best defence in any life challenge. I will also say that anyone thinking of being successful will face challenges and if you truly want to be an over comer, you will have a discipline and a daily practice but ultimately it will be God who helps you through it. It’s your trust in Him that will determine your true longterm success. 

I can tell you that I am stronger than ever and my faith has levelled up to a point where I know that I know God is in all of it. He uses the little things to get us ready for the big things and we can either get down when things try and block or break us or we can come back swinging ready to fight our way back.  The true fighter for your success is Jesus himself and those who trust Him always win. We are not alone and we choose who we keep in our army. I hope to help you see how you don’t have to be strong at all to win but rather the little faith choices we make is where it all starts. What we choose to believe is the biggest battle of them all and the ultimate determining factor for life and beyond.  With faith of the unseen army that is fighting with you and for you no matter what you go through, you can overcome.

This is battle season and it’s time to level up. God is for you and I just want to remind you with my own testimony and tell you no matter what you think of yourself right now, you’re worth fighting for! 

If you’d like a copy of this book all you have to do is join one of my fitness programs and I’ll give it to you for free. I just want to keep you inspired while you work towards your best self.

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