Top of the line

by Claire Rae
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As someone who has promoted health and fitness most of my life and wrote various books on how to gain success, I want to make this as clear as possible. 

Nothing you chase; no pleasure, no goal, no success will satisfy if you don’t have God. You can gain the whole world and everything that is offered here and it will all be for nothing in the end if you don”t have God. 

Anything that you put your faith in over God WILL fail you. God will show you how weak these things are.

If you want to truly win in life put God first and He will give you more than you can ask or think. He will give you peace and the true joy that people try and imitate with various things such as drugs, alcohol, shallow relationships and image or money. Whatever you put above God will be taken at some point and you will learn the hard way that there is only one in charge here; His name is Jesus!

Just a friendly reminder in case you have been searching for love, truth, hope or peace. 

God bless you!


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