Christmas bumps

by Claire Rae
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I’m going to do my best here…. first I want to say, I hope you are having the Merriest Christmas. I hope that no matter where you find yourself this season that you can enjoy it and make the best of it. I pray that your heart and home are filled with love, joy and peace.

I want to give you just a quick little update in case I am unable to communicate the way I have. I have experienced a pretty bad head trauma on the ski hill and I did not realize how bad it was until a few days later when I found myself having a seizure in my car. I’ve been to the hospital twice but they said it’s normal concussion symptoms, I’m not sure about that but at this point I do well for a little while until I start to feel sick or get dizzy or body numbness. I’m trying to rest as much as possible but it’s obviously very hard on me. Even as I type this I know it’s too much.

Other than the obvious situation, it’s been a great Christmas and this has not caused me to be upset in anyway. I trust God will heal me and allow me to take the time I need to get better. I’m just a little slower than I would have expected. I hope to be back at it soon. I feel like I’m getting used to these setbacks, kinda makes me laugh but it’s all good. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know so if you have a second, please send a prayer for me and I’ll be doing the same for you. Feel free to put any prayer requests in the comments. Love you.

Merry Christmas 🎄

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