What work-life​ balance really looks like.

by Claire Rae
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For anyone who has been successful at anything will likely attest is that there is no such thing as work-life balance when you are truly passionate about something. When you find that thing that really gets you going it’s unlikely you will be planing the time slots in your life to include family, friends, activities, social events, learning, self-care or the like. You simply can’t have it all when you know what you want, be it a new business venture, a fitness goal or a spiritual experience. During the first stages of any goal, there is always focus and a time where other things go to the side while you try and master your goal. There are also times where you will really have to decide who and what can be in your life if you want to achieve your goal. So in say thing, these are some things that you will want to consider and think about very hard before you allow them to take up your time.

It’s been said a million times but I am telling you from experience that this one is trickier than you might think. I don’t think anyone intentionally hangs out with dream killers or bad influences on purpose. There is always a reason why you hang out with them and it may not be healthy. I want to say also that family, although may seem important they still are not as important as you living out your destiny and if they are not part of the equation or they don’t bring to the table an element that you need to succeed or they have no experience in where you are going, be ready to spend a lot less time with them. Families, even the good ones don’t necessarily understand your calling or dream and may not be suited partners or inner circle of people, especially if they have not shown support to you or have doubted you in the past. Those kinds of family members can not be trusted with your dreams. You need not get approval from anyone when God gives you a dream and it may be best if you don’t share it with some of or all of them at all.

Your activities and downtime either bring you closer to your goal or not. If you don’t think that what you listen to or watch affects you then you haven’t watched the uprise of 2020. You can tell exactly what people are filling themselves with based on what they believe is true and how they react to the things around them. The millions of people around the world wearing masks and believing it has some sort of effect even though as they mandate such a thing there yet become an uprising in cases. The complete and utter cognitive dissonance is proof that not only do people believe what they hear even if it doesn’t make sense but it affects their behaviours and emotions. You and I are no different so it is so important that you continue to fill yourself with things that will bring you closer to your goal.

Lastly, make sure you love what you do. It can be very easy to go down a path because you think it will please someone or bring you financial freedom but there are no two paths exactly the same so if you think you will follow in someone’s footsteps and have the same good breaks or that things will turn out well because it did for another but you are not passionate about that thing or you have a sense your gifts or purpose lie elsewhere, it will unlikely workout for you and you will have wasted your time chasing an idea that was never meant for you. It is better to dance to your own drum and follow the rhythm of your own beat as it will reveal to you your purposes and as you live out your God-given dreams ( you know they are from God because they always have you serving others not just yourself) joy and prosperity will follow you.

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