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by Claire Rae
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Whether you are just starting out or you are getting ready for the next fitness challenge you will want to make sure you have some home gym equipment, especially these days when you never know what the “rules” will be about going to the gym. Basically, we need back up and a set up to make sure staying healthy is not put on the back burner. Let me show you my top picks, staring from small space friendly to those bigger basement or garage pieces we all dream about having. Don’t worry though, you don’t need all these ideas to stay in shape. 


Affordable and compact

It might seem super basic but one of my favourite pieces of equipment is the stability ball. Every home gym needs one. 

Either the Human trainer ( Canadian made) or TRX brand are perfect and portable. I love the suspension because of all the versatility and exercises you can do. Plus it’s easy to wrap up and take with you. With the Human Trainer being sold a little under $200 I think it’s a good bang for your buck. Home gym and travel ready.


XIAOMI Gym Weights Dumbbell Set with Adjustable Dumbbell Barbell, Kettle Bell, Push-up Stand. This clearly Multifunctional 4 in 1 weight system is a great option if you don’t want to buy all separate lift kits. Not badly prices for just under $500. Multi use is always a great way to go for smaller spaces such as your home gym.

The old classic star stepper.  This can be super handy for a variety of workouts and can sit in also as a bench if you put a matt over it.

Now we are getting into some bigger pieces but finding ones that are multi-purposeful is a good idea.

Exercises include: dips, chin-up, leg raises and a variety of other add on variations.

Might as well lay some matts down and create a special and permanent place for your gym. I know for me, a would change my couch out for a place to make sure I could still workout. So clear some things away and get the mats. 

Just a basic adjustable bench will do but this one can fold up and has some extra attachments that can provide some resistance for  bench press and bicep curls. 

Bands are one of the most cost effective and versatile pieces that I know of. You can take them anywhere. Plus you use them for a load of exercise variations. 

I always find these mini trampolines a fun time. They are great for cardio and if you have kids they will have fun too.

I’m likely to add to this list but if I was looking to set up an affordable gym to get started these are a few of the things I would make sure to have on hand. If you are looking to for a program to get started I highly recommend joining my RESET- Workout program. 

Hip bands are perfect for travel and for all your glute training.

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