Goodbye 2020 it’s been a slice

by Claire Rae
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I know we all had a very interesting 2020 but can I tell you for me it was probably one of the best years I’ve had in a long time.

I guess that doesn’t sound good considering but it really was nice to see people slow down a bit, take time to help each-other and just take a step back to think about what’s truly important. Sure, I could have done without some of the political disagreements but I bet most people are a little more educated now than they were. I know for me it was impossible not to learn more and do my own digging and educating. After all, I had a little more time while stuck at home and with all the crazy mandates it sure created curiosity. I got caught up on some book work, read a few more books than I would have, upped my prayer game, learned more about spiritual warfare, moved twice and finally settled into a town I’ve always wanted to live. There was an incredible amount of blessing this year. Perhaps that’s just the perspective from a person who’s had some pretty challenging last few years due to 3 concussions, broken arms and legs all while trying to guide others to stay positive and have faith. Maybe if you were taken by surprise this year you will come out feeling as I do. My faith grew stronger as did my relationship with God. I know now more than ever that He is the one to look to for help, guidance and comfort not experts, doctors, politicians, or people. I’ve never seen so many people take wild guesses and pretend it’s science like I did this year. I’ve learned to admit I’m just as much guessing on something’s as others are and that everything is subject to change. I’ve learned that being humble is the absolute best place to direct your attitude and being open to change is an important stance to take as it may come often. Thankfulness and kindness is key to a happy life and that with God all things are possible. This I know and stand on for my hope as we bring in the new year.

It is my hope that you are able to grab onto all the amazing blessings that came with 2020 and focus on that while we hope for a better 2021. I believe in my heart that good things are on the horizon and if nothing else that peace would live in your heart even while the storm charges on. May your life be as peaceful as the eye of a tornado when the storms rages. I know it’s possible because I’ve experienced that many times throughout 2020.

Happy New Years🎉💕

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