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Retreat Season is here!

It’s time to come RESET. It’s time to get back to the basics, renew our minds, body and spirit and get back together.

It’s been a while since I hosted a celebration retreat and I know more than ever we need to renew our minds. If you made it this far it’s time to celebrate life.

I am hosting guests and retreats from June until November here in beautiful Revelstoke, BC. I came out here last year to do some resetting of my own mind, body and spirit. After launching the RESET-90 Happy Healthy Days I knew it would be soon time to reunite those that want to live fearlessly, strong and happy lives. There is so much to celebrate let’s do it together at one of my Retreats.



This retreat is for anyone that needs a refresher on basic RESET principles. I will be taking a piece out my RESET-90 Happy Healthy Days program to enlighten my guests on basic elements of guided prayer, meditation, affirmation and purposeful self care. 


Friday arrival between 3-5 -The event will start with dinner and a food prep lesson and participation followed by a group activity leading into quiet time at the lodge. There is a hot tub and fire pit on location for evening group relaxation and community gathering and fellowship.

Saturday morning breakfast is served followed by a group morning meditation, and full body stretch class. Then the group will head out on the guided adventure enjoying a mountain top lunch. After returning there will be time to rest and relax followed by another group lesson leading into dinner. 

Sunday morning the group will be served breakfast followed by a fitness class, morning stretch and meditation. Lunch will be served as people prepare to pack up and head home. 

This event is first come first served basis. You can book the entire weekend for your group now or with a friend. The rooms are priced for double occupancy so if you are solo please contact me for individual pricing and accommodation.  [email protected] or call 587-436-8836.





I am now taking registration for the full RESET program and RESET CELEBRATION RETREAT. 


You will receive the RESET-90 Happy Healthy Days 12 Week Transformation Program that includes the RESET Ebook, 12 weeks training via the Claire Rae Fit app, The Diet Makeover Cookbook. 2 nights stay at our Revelstoke, BC, Canada luxury Mountain Resort, Farm fresh meals, adventure and photo opportunities. The retreat comes with a special gift bag and so much more.


Please Register for my newsletter for all the details. Dates, Cost and accommodation will be sent to those who are interested. For the sake of privacy during the unusual times. 

Contact me  [email protected] 587-436-8836

About the location and lodging -

Located in beautiful mountain lodging in Revelstoke, BC, the accommodations will be given to those who are registered for full privacy of my guests and staff. The lodge is fully equipped with all the things you will need for a comfortable stay just like home. 

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