Late to the show

by Claire Rae
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Ever get that feeling that you missed it? Or that it’s just too late to do that particular thing? As I’m sitting in my car waiting for my friend to arrive for a day on the hill I have lots of thoughts that cross my mind. I’m thinking likely there’s someone out there this will either help or just entertain but it’s the long rocky relationship I’ve had with snowboarding.

You see, I grew up in the praires and although my parents took me to Colorado to ski as a kid I didn’t frequent after my teenage years due to a move and just life and other sports. High-school ended quickly and I was off to my entrepreneurial pursuits in Oil boom town Alberta and just wasn’t able to get away. Long story short is I finally got my board figured out about 10 or so years ago but that was the beginning of my fitness and modeling career. I spent most of those winter years south of the border on beaches for photoshoots. In 2017 I finally decided to settle back in Canada and get back into winter sports and give snowboarding a go but on my first run out I broke my arms and that was the end of that for the season. Haha, I laugh because the following year I tried again, only to find that the fear had set in and I wasn’t able to get a whole run in. Fast forward to today and I’m living in Revelstoke facing my fears again! I have a really hard time giving up. So, wish me luck

Post hill reflection

Well, I didn’t break anything but I did have a few tumbles. Legs are for sure shaky and we will see how I feel the next few days. Pretty sure I’ll be sore. Hard to say, sometimes adrenaline can keep you going even after an injury.

One week after..

Well, I guess if you read my Christmas Bumps post you know what happened… so one of the falls I took on this day actually caused a pretty severe concussion. I started to really lose it on Christmas Day… perhaps all the excitement was too much but I’ve had a CT now just to make sure my brain wasn’t bleeding. They said it could be up to a year before I’m better. I was wearing a helmet but it didn’t help. I’ve had two other concussions in the last few years and now I need to be extremely careful. As disappointing as this is, I believe it will all work out for good in some way but probably should take a break from this sport for now and maybe forever. Not sure if it’s worth it at this point. As hard as that is for me to say, maybe it’s best.

Anyway… I’ll keep you updated.

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